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Our Doctors

Meet our world class team of doctors. Las Vegas Life Magazine has named Drs Adashek, Wilkes and Pierce “Top Docs” in their annual survey of medical excellence. Drs Adashek, Wilkes, Pierce, Bolnick, and Vo were also recently named as "Top Docs" in the Desert Companions annual survey of local Physicians. Joseph Adashek, M.D., FACOG Dr. Adashek is rated among the top 1% in the nation, in the field of Perinatology, by US News and World Report. Dr. Adashek is an award-winning and widely published physician. He has also received numerous awards as an outstanding and contributing member of his community. Dr. Adashek received his undergraduate degree at UCLA and holds a Doctor of Medicine from … [Read more...]

Perinatal Care

Perinatologists, also called Maternal-Fetal Specialists, are physicians who possess the knowledge, training, equipment, and expertise to care for patients experiencing a pregnancy where a risk factor is involved. These complicating factors include diabetes, severe hypertension, multiple gestations, an auto-immune disorder, or potential birth defects. Being referred to a perinatologist is not cause for alarm ­ In fact, you and your baby are now being cared for by an entire team committed to the best outcome. Skilled Hands And Caring Hearts Desert Perinatal Associates has brought together the most highly trained specialists in the Las Vegas area to offer you world-class treatment. Our doctors … [Read more...]

Advanced Technology

Desert Perinatal Associates is proud to offer Las Vegas residents the latest in specialized perinatal equipment and technology. We have the facilities to perform state-of-the-art testing and evaluation to monitor you and your baby's condition and ensure that advanced treatments can be implemented as safely and quickly as needed, including: 3-D and 4-D Ultrasound that actually lets you "see" your baby Intrauterine Transfusions Amniocentesis Fetal Echocardiography for early diagnosis of fetal heart problems Non-Stress Test Biophysical Profile and Doppler Studies. Early (first trimester) prenatal risk assessment. Uterine Artery Doppler studies in pregnancy that can predict an … [Read more...]

Belly Bliss

It’s all about you…before, during and after pregnancy.  Belly Bliss is a multi-faceted spa for all women. … [Read more...]