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9 things to know about breast cancer during pregnancy

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so we sat down with Dr. Adashek to discuss breast cancer and specifically breast cancer during pregnancy. Q: Should you still be doing self-breast exams while you’re pregnant?  If so, how often? Adashek:  Ironically, some studies say that self-breast exams are not shown to be worthwhile; however, other studies show that it is of benefit if a woman does it correctly.  It has been found to be especially helpful in minority women, who statistically, do not go in for yearly breast exams as often as non-minority women.  While pregnant, self-breast exams have been shown to not be as beneficial—especially towards the end of the pregnancy because … [Read more...]

Pregnancy Myths – How First Time Dads See the Stages of Pregnancy

What men think is happening and what women actual experience can be quite different Ladies, can we get a “like” for the men in our lives!  They’re amazing husbands, fathers, friends, sons, and brothers.  But when they’re trying to navigate their way through the stages of pregnancy it becomes clear that what they think is happening is often nothing like what we are actually experiencing. Daddies it’s not your fault.  We blame the pregnancy myths on your friends, pop culture, and the internet. Honey, listen up! We asked you all here today to set the record straight, to help you better understand what your wife, the mother of your unborn bundle of joy, is actually experiencing during her … [Read more...]