5 summer recipes that kids and moms will love

5 Summer Recipes

Turning the oven on or firing up a burner on the stove when it’s over 100 degrees outside…no thank you!

It’s hot outside.  Your air conditioner runs non-stop.  You’ve been shuttling the little ones to all their summer activities in what seems like a never-ending cycle of drop off and pick up.

The last thing you need is to be trapped in a hot kitchen preparing lunch or dinner.  Not to worry!  Our crack team of foodie investigators set out to find a few delicious meal and snack ideas that deliver big on flavor without the added “heat”.

Whether you’re in the middle of your summer pregnancy or just looking for a few healthy summer dishes to feed those hungry rascals, these 5 summer recipes are perfect for the heat and hectic pace of summer.

5 Summer Recipes that will keep you, and your house, cool

We scoured the world wide web looking for meals and treats that scream summer but don’t require a lot of time.  Plus, we wanted to find ideas that would keep you away from those hot stoves and ovens.  These are five of our favorites.  Bon appetit!

Lemon Parm Popcorn

Bring a twist to backyard movie night with this simple creation.  Lemon Parm Popcorn couldn’t be more simple to make and yet still delivers a hint of sophistication for that backyard soiree.  Get the recipe.


A canoe made from the ever-available zucchini loaded with refreshing diced tomatoes and herbs.  Yum!  Plus, with a name like Zu-Canoes, even the pickiest of little eaters will be intrigued.  Get the recipe.

Chilled cucumber avocado soup

Nothing beats chilled soups in summer and this one will fill you up.  The ingredients are belly friendly and the rich taste will make this recipe and instant family favorite.  Get the recipe.

Berry Splash Mocktail

That’s right, a cocktail without the alcohol that is kid and mommy-to-be friendly.  We especially like the touch from the frozen blueberry ice cubes!  Come to think of it, we think this could make a really delicious blended drink or even smoothie.  Get the recipe.

Savory French Toast BLT

Need we say more?  Granted, it requires use of the oven, but this makes a great breakfast for dinner meal idea that even the kids will take a stab at.  Top this recipe with a second slice of french toast and it’s a sandwich.  Yes, please!  Get the recipe.

Now it’s your turn…

What are some of your go-to summer recipes to beat the heat in the kitchen?  Come on, we know you have some!  Share your favorite in the comments.