The Definitive Pregnancy Guide

At Desert Perinatal Associates we specialize in high-risk pregnancies, so we are always being asked for advice on managing a pregnancy.  The do's, the don'ts, what's safe, what's not safe.  To ease your mind we put together this pregnancy guide that can help to answer some of the most common pregnancy questions. It's normal to have questions and we are here to help.  If we missed something, or if you still have concerns please be sure to talk with your physician the next time you visit Desert Perinatal Associates. Acne:    Many women will experience acne for the first time when they are pregnant and unfortunately, women who already have acne will often notice a worsening of their acne … [Read more...]

Trisomy Awareness Month

March is Trisomy Awareness month so we wanted to pass along a little information to help you understand it better.  Testing for the most common types of Trisomies can be done as early as 10 weeks. What does “Tri” mean?  Think tripod, or triathlon, or tricycle.  “Tri” is a prefix that means “three”.  So, what is a “trisomy?”  “Trisomy” is a term that refers to a chromosomal condition where the body’s cells have a 3rd copy of a particular chromosome.  Our DNA is packaged into chromosomes, which are small structures in each of our body’s cells.  The usual number of chromosomes in each cell is 46, and the chromosomes come in pairs.  So, each of our cells normally has 23 pairs of … [Read more...]

9 things to know about breast cancer during pregnancy

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so we sat down with Dr. Adashek to discuss breast cancer and specifically breast cancer during pregnancy. Q: Should you still be doing self-breast exams while you’re pregnant?  If so, how often? Adashek:  Ironically, some studies say that self-breast exams are not shown to be worthwhile; however, other studies show that it is of benefit if a woman does it correctly.  It has been found to be especially helpful in minority women, who statistically, do not go in for yearly breast exams as often as non-minority women.  While pregnant, self-breast exams have been shown to not be as beneficial—especially towards the end of the pregnancy because … [Read more...]

14 tips to enjoy your summer pregnancy without moving to Alaska

A summer pregnancy can be a real challenge for moms-to-be, especially in the heat of the desert southwest.  Staying cool, entertaining the other little ones, preparing for new’s all much more challenging when the mercury rises into the triple digits. Our top 14 summer pregnancy tips These summer pregnancy tips, tricks, and simple pleasures will help you counter all that Mother Nature throws at you this summer so that you can enjoy your summer pregnancy without making the move to Alaska! Shaved Ice Shaved ice just might be the best thing since sliced bread and fortunately, for those of us brave enough to live in the desert, there are plenty of delicious options around town to … [Read more...]

5 summer recipes that kids and moms will love

Turning the oven on or firing up a burner on the stove when it's over 100 degrees thank you! It's hot outside.  Your air conditioner runs non-stop.  You've been shuttling the little ones to all their summer activities in what seems like a never-ending cycle of drop off and pick up. The last thing you need is to be trapped in a hot kitchen preparing lunch or dinner.  Not to worry!  Our crack team of foodie investigators set out to find a few delicious meal and snack ideas that deliver big on flavor without the added "heat". Whether you’re in the middle of your summer pregnancy or just looking for a few healthy summer dishes to feed those hungry rascals, these 5 summer … [Read more...]

Prenatal Testing and Screening Guide for Expectant Moms

Prenatal testing and screening are vital during pregnancy to ensure that both mom and baby are progressing through the pregnancy as expected.  There are a host of prenatal screening and diagnostic tests, each designed to measure or evaluate a specific aspect of the mother or baby’s progress. What is prenatal testing and screening? Screening tests show the chance or odds of a developing baby to have a certain genetic condition, such as spina bifida or Down syndrome, whereas diagnostic tests are more accurate and indicate whether the developing baby actually has a certain genetic condition. Our prenatal counseling is specifically designed to provide early screening for both mother and … [Read more...]