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Micro-preemie delivered by Dr. Paul Wilkes is going home with his family for the holidays!

Dr. Paul Wilkes discusses the dangers of using unregulated herbal supplements.

Miracle baby delivered at only 24 weeks by Dr. Paul Wilkes is now thriving.

Dr. Wilkes discusses cell free DNA

Desert Perinatal Associates supports Jalens Gift Foundation at their event, "Gone, but Not Forgotten".

Dr. Wilkes discusses fertility myths and some things you can do to increase your chances of getting pregnant.

Dr. Wilkes discusses popular baby names with the MORE Show.

Dr. Wilkes discusses the side effects associated with taking the birth control pill.

Dr. Wilkes discusses things you can do increase your chances of getting pregnant and common misconceptions about pregnancy.

Dr. Wilkes discussing your heart health and the things you can do to keep a healthy heart.

Dr. Wilkes explaining hyperemesis and some things you can do to fight nausea.

Dr. Wilkes discussing food safety, the flu and symptoms of the flu.

Dr. Wilkes discussing your health in your 20's, 30's and 40's.

Dr. Wilkes and the host from the MORE Show discuss hot book, "50 Shades of Grey".

After the accidental drowning of a small infant Dr. Wilkes discusses the importance of know CPR.

Dr. Wilkes discusses the supporting the Safe Nest swimsuit drive for those in need.

Dr. Wilkes discusses the miraculous survival of an infant delivered at 23 weeks.

CNN legal commentator Richard Herman thanks Dr. Paul Wilkes and the staff of Desert Perinatal Associates for delivering his new baby girl.

Dr. Wilkes discusses an upcoming event to "SHOWER" Safe Nest with love.

Dr. Adashek and Dr. Wilkes are partners, but have vastly different views on Health Care Reform.

Dr. Wilkes discusses the importance of Safe Nest to our community and their upcoming diaper drive.

Desert Perinatal Associates teams up with Safe Nest for their upcoming diaper drive.

Dr. Wilkes discusses the Desert Perinatal Associates Baby Bonanza

Safe Kids and Desert Perinatal Associates team up to ensure that car seat safety is a priority for all parents.

Dr. Wilkes and Rosemary Arroyo discuss the services at Belly Bliss and when it is safe to get a massage.

Meet the doctors, staff, and patients of Desert Perinatal Associates!!