August is National Breastfeeding Awareness Month

August is National Breastfeeding Awareness Month and although we are always supportive of breastfeeding and the incredible benefits for both Mom and Baby, during August we get to focus on it a little bit more. National Breastfeeding Awareness Month is a breastfeeding campaign funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, with the hope of empowering women to commit to breastfeeding.  Research shows that babies that are exclusively breastfed for the first six months of life are less likely to develop ear infections, diarrhea and respiratory illnesses, and may be less likely to develop childhood obesity. Breastfeeding is one of the most natural and intimate connections that … [Read more...]

The Definitive Pregnancy Guide

At Desert Perinatal Associates we specialize in high-risk pregnancies, so we are always being asked for advice on managing a pregnancy.  The do's, the don'ts, what's safe, what's not safe.  To ease your mind we put together this pregnancy guide that can help to answer some of the most common pregnancy questions. It's normal to have questions and we are here to help.  If we missed something, or if you still have concerns please be sure to talk with your physician the next time you visit Desert Perinatal Associates. Acne:    Many women will experience acne for the first time when they are pregnant and unfortunately, women who already have acne will often notice a worsening of their acne … [Read more...]

Managing a pregnancy with Type 1 or 2 diabetes

Managing a pregnancy with Type 1 or 2 diabetes may be challenging, but your Diabetes Education team at Desert Perinatal Associates will create an individualized care plan with you that will promote the best pregnancy outcome. Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes Type 1 diabetes is a chronic condition that occurs when the pancreas does not make a hormone called insulin. Insulin allows the glucose (sugars) that come from the food that we eat to enter the cells to produce energy. Type 2 diabetes occurs when the body becomes resistant to insulin or doesn’t make enough insulin. Both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes are affected during pregnancy as pregnancy increases insulin requirements while making … [Read more...]

9 things to know about breast cancer during pregnancy

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, so we sat down with Dr. Adashek to discuss breast cancer and specifically breast cancer during pregnancy. Q: Should you still be doing self-breast exams while you’re pregnant?  If so, how often? Adashek:  Ironically, some studies say that self-breast exams are not shown to be worthwhile; however, other studies show that it is of benefit if a woman does it correctly.  It has been found to be especially helpful in minority women, who statistically, do not go in for yearly breast exams as often as non-minority women.  While pregnant, self-breast exams have been shown to not be as beneficial—especially towards the end of the pregnancy because … [Read more...]

Pregnancy Myths – How First Time Dads See the Stages of Pregnancy

What men think is happening and what women actual experience can be quite different Ladies, can we get a “like” for the men in our lives!  They’re amazing husbands, fathers, friends, sons, and brothers.  But when they’re trying to navigate their way through the stages of pregnancy it becomes clear that what they think is happening is often nothing like what we are actually experiencing. Daddies it’s not your fault.  We blame the pregnancy myths on your friends, pop culture, and the internet. Honey, listen up! We asked you all here today to set the record straight, to help you better understand what your wife, the mother of your unborn bundle of joy, is actually experiencing during her … [Read more...]

14 tips to enjoy your summer pregnancy without moving to Alaska

A summer pregnancy can be a real challenge for moms-to-be, especially in the heat of the desert southwest.  Staying cool, entertaining the other little ones, preparing for new’s all much more challenging when the mercury rises into the triple digits. Our top 14 summer pregnancy tips These summer pregnancy tips, tricks, and simple pleasures will help you counter all that Mother Nature throws at you this summer so that you can enjoy your summer pregnancy without making the move to Alaska! Shaved Ice Shaved ice just might be the best thing since sliced bread and fortunately, for those of us brave enough to live in the desert, there are plenty of delicious options around town to … [Read more...]